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We offer a line of sweet and hot treats with various levels of heat.  All are made with our special blend of New Mexico red & green chili powders, except for our RAISIN HELL which derives it's heat from 100% pure habanero powder.  For a totally different taste sensation, crush or chop candies into small pieces and sprinkle over ice cream or press into cookie dough before baking.

Like all of our products, we're sure you won't be disappointed with any of our SWEET AND HOT TREATS.



2 Chili Chocolate Candy Bar

Milk chocolate candy bar with a special blend of red and green chili powder. A nice heat that won't "hurt" you.


Raisin Hell Chocolate Candy Bar

Milk chocolate candy bar with raisins and 100% pure habanero powder. XXXXHOT with great flavor! This one could "hurt."


Green Chili  Honey and Red Chili Honey

Delicious honey with a  special blend of either New Mexico green chili powder or red chili powder. Try it on sopaipillas, biscuits  and cornbread or use as sweet and spicy glaze for meats for a sweet hot  sensation.