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The CHILI CROP is a New Mexico company located in the beautiful Jemez Mountains 50 miles northwest of Albuquerque.

We take pride in offering our products to you. Our products are LOW SODIUM except, of course, our seasoning salts. Recipes were created for those who must limit the use of salt. Our products remain high in flavor even with the reduced salt and over the years this quality has received high praise from our customers. Additional salt is easy to add.

No artificial coloring or additives are used in any of our products. None of our products contain sugar except for our candy line.

Enjoy unique taste treats with our special blend of both red and green chili powders from world famous New Mexico chili. It doesn't matter if it is spelled CHILI or CHILE, it is still the best!

The "almost made" mixes make great tasting foods easy to prepare! All are vegetarian with directions for adding meat if desired. Cooking time varies for each "meal" . Add fresh cheese when directed. Our products are great for camping since they are quick, easy and don't require a lot of additional ingredients.