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The New Mexico Specialty Foods web store has a Selection of over 40 products from our company.  While the debate goes on as to the spelling – chili or chile in New Mexico it’s the taste that counts.  The world famous red and green chili from the Hatch and Las Cruces areas are used in all of our products.  Salsas are high on the list of popular foods made here in the state, but we also have a large variety of more unique specialty foods - spices, chili chocolate candies and chili peanut brittle, “home style” jam in a variety of flavors.  Plus Red Chili and Green Chili Honey found nowhere else but New Mexico.


In New Mexico when ordering at a restaurant you are asked, “red or green?”  This means what kind of chili do you want on your food.  If you’re adventurous you ask for “Christmas” which means both.  Thus the name for the line of products added to the specialty food market which contain both red and green chili –”New Mexico Christmas Anytime.”  These are quick and easy to prepare foods and spicy snacks, all with a combination of red and green chili.  Created with our overseas troops in mind, these are also great for backpacking and camping.


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